The Sacred Plunge Pool

Comfort, function, and design.

Two Basic Designs

Photograph by Matthew Millman courtesy of <a href="">Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture</a>
Photograph by Matthew Millman courtesy of Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture

The L-edge Pool

The L-edge Pool is manufactured in a standardized rectangular shape. Interior pool dimensions 5 ft. depth, 7.5 ft. width x 13.5 ft. length.

The Sacred Circle

The Sacred Circle Is manufactured in a standardized circle. Interior pool dimensions are 9 ft. diameter and 7 ft. depth.

Available Features

Interior Surface

1st Choice: Your Sacred Pool can be delivered with the custom tiled pool interior, you desire. Tile is superior in look, feel, and sustainability.

2nd Choice: Your Sacred Pool can also be plastered or pebbled locally after the pool is delivered and set into place.

Bench and Step Inserts

Our engineering team has met the challenges of standardization that allow for the interiors of our pools to be configured with a variety of options. The interior of the pre-cast pool shell is designed with insertable stainless rod supports that allow for customization of the pool interior. 1” round stainless rods, which are sold separately, can:
A) create body contour seating, and
B) provide support for inserting customized stone or tile platforms, steps and benches in various configurations to suit your Sacred Pool interior design needs.

Water and Light

Sacred Pools have a built-in water circulation system and lighting sleeves for a variety of interior LED lighting configurations.


Lockable Cover

Sacred Pools designs and builds lockable covers, to eliminate the fence required by most states. Please note: We will check your states requirements prior to moving forward.

Architectural Placement

Sacred Pool Shells can be installed at any elevation above, on, or below grade on level stable ground or slab. The pools’ designs adapt to many architectural settings.

Below Grade

Below Grade invokes a nesting look and feel.

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On Grade

On Grade hides the pool shell to promote the surrounding space.

Above Grade

Great for creating small sitting walls or larger separation from the ground for great views.

Heights available: 12", 24" 48", 60"

What To Expect


The shells are manufactured with high strength, light weight, reinforced concrete. Our company is guaranteeing each pool shell to be watertight and crack resistant for 20 years.

Unique Style

Your Sacred Pool is unique to you. We'll work with you to customize the look, feel, and features of your plunge pool that cater towards your lifestyle.

Relaxing Experience

Enjoying time with family and friends in your pool should be a relaxing experience. The small, intimate feel of a Sacred Pool can help you get to a wonderful state of mind.

Why Plunge Pools?

Swimming pools are large dominating structures for many homes. Nature and science both teach us for every positive there is a negative. We know the time commitment and expense of maintenance necessary to sustain our investment into our pool. Swimming Pools positively nourish us with health benefits and stimulate us with activity, but at a high price. So, is there a new level of sacred health and happiness to be reached for many, in a simple small pool? As a 25 year veteran of pool design, I have studied the relativity of a swimming pool. Proximity, access, size, depth, shape, height, color, and activity, relative to the people and the properties. I have learned to look at space and balance and its effect on focus, time, and relationship.

Focus Relative To Space. Life changes, families change, and space tempts us to fill it, possibly because our hunter gatherer, historic mind is wired to think, “full space is better than empty”. As part of the USA, I do not need to remind of the bigger is better history of our country. Millennial thinking is just introducing us to new levels of refined thinking regarding space. In a space, sometimes as small as a cubicle, not the big window office, focus is the bigger reward. Millenials don’t need big spaces to focus. Watch them in a crowd, totally locked in on that cell phone. Now move this concept of to your outdoor space where you want to connect with your surroundings. Could a large swimming style pool be too expansive for today’s minds. Will we struggle to connect thirty feet across the pool. Refine the design, bring the thought to value a focal point, which could be a beautiful view, surrounding flowers, the sound of water, and the person we care most for. Everything you want is there, only its closer, less distant, less separation. Boundaries bring focus and focus brings life’s reward. We never create just for ourselves. There is always a connecting focal point in our lives.

Time Relative to My Balance. The biggest reward of my small pool is the time I have to enjoy it with the one I built it for. I don’t need to list the time robbing tasks of any outdoor space, in the elements of nature. Nature is positive and negative. It can only be sacred if we have the time and energy to care for it. Balance will sustain the desire and reward.

Relationship To My Small Pool. There is a relationship I have with my small pool. Physically it warms me, it cools me, it relaxes me, it heals me, and it connects me to the things I love, which gives me mental and physical better health. For that I always call it Sacred.

The small pool re-balances the amenities within the space.

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